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house cleaning

In a cozy abode, with dust on the shelf,
A task so mundane, yet necessary for health,
It's time to roll up sleeves, put on rubber gloves,
And dive into a cleaning spree, with all might and love.

First, let's start with the floors, all swept and mopped,
Remove those muddy footprints, till they're perfectly cropped,
From the tiles to the carpet, shining bright and clean,
A sanctuary of tidiness, like a dreamy serene.

Next, let's tackle the windows, cloudy and blurred,
With a splash of Windex, make them sparkle undisturbed,
Banish smudges and fingerprints, let sunlight stream,
Through crystal-clear panes, like a heavenly gleam.

Now, onto the nooks and crannies, hidden from sight,
Dirt and grime conquered with all of our might,
Dusting away cobwebs, from ceilings to the wall,
Leaving every space spotless, never missing a haul.

Oh, the kitchen, a battlefield of grease and stains,
Where culinary masterpieces are born without restrain,
Scrubbing the counters, polishing the sink,
Where delectable dishes are prepared in a blink.

Bathroom tiles glistening, free of soap scum,
From the sink to the toilet, making them hum,
Sanitizing surfaces, with every vigorous scrub,
Creating a space, where all can freshen and shrug.

The bedroom, a sanctuary, where dreams find rest,
Folded sheets, fluffed pillows, where worries are pressed,
Creating an oasis of peace, where sleep abounds,
Fresh linens and a tidy space, where tranquility astounds.

As the cleaning concludes, fatigue starts to wane,
A sense of accomplishment, like a victory champagne,
A house transformed, so inviting and grand,
Where peace and order forever command.

So, embrace the chore, with a joyful heart,
For cleaning a house is like a work of art,
A labor of love, to bring warmth and cheer,
Transforming a house into a home so dear.

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house cleaning

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