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'Reach for me'

Her eyes betrayed an inner lust,

Do what you will, do what you must,

Her arms revealed an urgent need,

Her parted lips cried ‘reach for me.’

A cotton dress, no slip, no bra,

Stunning ankles, thighs and calves,

A walk to render rich men poor,

A girl who knows that less is more.

High heels on, drive into town,

Park the limo, join the crowd,

Outside the Rich Babe ladies club,

Check in before the doors are shut.

A table lamp, a vacant seat,

Enquiring eyes, ‘come sit with me,’

Let’s order drinks and talk awhile,’

How come that you’re alone tonight?’

By 1AM the floor had filled,

Some dancing close, some closer still,

Low-light and music, potent stuff,

When champagne strangers fall in love.

When love’s afoot, don’t need much light,

Not when you know the feeling’s right,

The lightest touch, the longest kiss,

Flesh that swooned beneath her lips.

© Joseph G Dawson