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Your beauty floods my body

Your beauty floods my body, you take my

Breath away, you cling to every sinew, pump

Blood up to my brain. You drive my heart's

Ambition, I tingle when you're near, you're just

The most amazing girl, my heartthrob, my career.

Your beauty floods my body, you're the mother

Of my dreams, the essence of my very soul, my

Lover, my belief. The air I breath, the sun I see,

The wind to cool my brow, I know you're there,

You're everywhere, you're moving with me now.

Your beauty floods my body, you ripple through

My veins, you take me to a higher place, pray

Take me there again. I lay upon your alter, my

Body says give in, with just one kiss, do what

You wish, I'm sacrificed again.

© Joseph G Dawson