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An end to Eden

I can see how it works, I can see how

Man might see God in everything and

In the beginning, it was probably God

Who saw everything in man. Investing

Heavily in the notion of a caretaker, a

Custodian, who would love the earth,

Nurture the earth and above all, play

A m
ajor role in the ongoing prosperity

And security of our home in space.


It is not hard to see why the beauty

Of mankind was so attractive, nor is

It hard to see how a benevolent spirit

Might be drawn into believing that

The kindly attributes resident in one

Human would be resident in all.

Beyond biblical history, mankind must

Have been a dreadful disappointment,

I don’t blame Eve or the biting of an

Apple, much more likely the eating of

The serpent, which still dwells within

Many today.

Chopping down trees to keep Hell’s fires

Burning, mining coal to keep Hell’s fires

Burning, drilling for oil and gas to keep

Hell’s fires burning and now planet earth

Is burning and the cycle of destruction is

Almost complete, global warming, global

Boiling, global Hell.

© Joseph G Dawson