No Interest in us

Fat and smug they sit around the table of doom and gloom
Or in this day and age within their multi-million-pound houses, on Zoom
White shirts neatly ironed with cuff links of gold
Fat bellies pushing against the buttons, bright and bold
Their decisions affect millions but don’t affect them.
As they sign away poverty and hardship with a silver tipped pen
Nodding heads and disgruntled moans
As the naked girls pictures appear on WhatsApp, on their phones
Within this world were the rich get richer and everyone else suffers
These smug elites conspire to wipe the smile of single mothers.
“it’s for the greater good!” or “We need to save the economy!”
By creating an unknown and unseen enemy
So, whilst the ivory tower of the bankers gets more pristine
We live in nightmares, and they live in a dream
The struggle goes on for many of us.
As our politicians throw us under the bus
Interest rates go up as our lives go down.
More boarded up houses appear in town.
No one goes out now as they can’t afford to enjoy life
As wrists are slashed with an interest rate knife

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No Interest in us