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home coming

Homecoming, a cherished affair,
A time to return, to embrace and share.
The familiar sights and beloved faces,
As memories awaken in familiar places.

The old oak tree stands tall and proud,
An emblem of strength, it calls out loud.
Whispering secrets, stories untold,
A witness to the tales of old.

The front porch swing, a gentle sway,
Memories linger, like a warm summer's day.
Laughter fills the air, echoes of the past,
With every creak, time's spell is cast.

The cozy fireplace, a flickering light,
A beacon of warmth on a cool autumn night.
Gathered 'round, hearts intertwined,
A symphony of love, forever aligned.

The kitchen, bustling with love's sweet appeal,
Recipes passed down, secrets to reveal.
The aroma of home, a comforting embrace,
Each dish a reminder, of love's eternal grace.

In the familiar rooms, echoes of laughter,
Each corner sharing stories ever after.
The walls bear witness to love's sweet embrace,
Every square inch, a sacred space.

Homecoming, a celebration of roots,
A tapestry woven with precious fruits.
The hearth of love, forever glowing,
In this sacred place, our hearts keep growing.

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home coming

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