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The Earth, once thought to be at the centre

Of the universe, has been carved up until it

Is now no more than a chip in a dangerous

Game of ‘winner takes all,’ where at the

Gaming table sit a handful of democracy ill-

Wishers, jealous of the West, its redoubtable

Success and all it stands for.

Rome, Britain, France all lost their worldly

Influence, ungraciously left behind by time

And an awakening new world and America

May soon be facing a not too dissimilar fate.

Who dare believe it, plans afoot for the De-

Dollarization of the world and yet, here it is,

The recently openly declared inspiration

Behind BRICS, an alliance of nations,

Including Brazil, Russia, India and China.

If global warming, global burning, wild fires

Encircling the Earth are not enough to ring

Warning bells, surely BRICS must be. The

Idea of a new currency threatening and

Weakening the mighty Dollar may appear

Far-fetched on Wall Street and in London

Right now, but time will tell, behaving like

Sitting ducks on the wild waters of Lake

Enemy may ultimately prove to be unwise.

The hand that reached out for our work and

Our wealth is preparing to bite off the hand

That fed and they can afford to, given that

It was we who enriched their ambition.

© Joseph G Dawson