Poems of Hope and Peace

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Do you wish?
Do you wish to spend eternity?
In heaven where the streets are made of gold
And the gates are pearly
Do you want to abide in eternal joy
Where angels sing and it’s not spoiled
Do you want to live in a perfect mansion?
Made by Jesus our Savior
Do you wish to walk in perfect favour?
Well I can tell you how to begin
Accept Jesus Christ for all of your sin
Walk each day with Him
And know His will for you
He wishes no man to perish
And can make you brand new
So I hope this song makes you think
Of your eternal destiny
Because hell is a terrible fate
And heaven is pure joy and victory!
O’ thou afflicted one tossed with tempest and not comforted. Behold I will lay thy stones with fair colours and lay thy sapphires.
Isa 54-11


Michelle Lee Carter

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Do you wish?