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Is this life now?
No ups, all downs.
No smile.
Tears all frowns.
No relief.
All grief.
Barely progressing.
But always depressing.
Trying not to get lost in my imagination.
Memories have been my happy place.
It's the only place I can go where you're in my space.
I miss your face.
The colors are still the most beautiful I've ever seen.
The music is intense yet still serene.
It's pure beauty.
Raw energy.
Then suddenly....
I'm thrown back to reality.
Here it's just me.
Feeling broken and lonely.
I left who made me feel complete.
It's like cutting up that one puzzle piece....
The one that made the art breathe.
The one that brought it to life.
The only one that felt right.
Everything is wrong.
Everything is gone.

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