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Tatum's Tedious Tomorrow Tasks
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The Positive Side Of Procrastination

Who, between us isn't guilty
of procrastination?
We close an eye and fail to try
with endless hesitation.

Don't feel alone, you're but a drop
in the apathetic mire
who has no urge to feel the surge
to set their feet on fire.

Procrastinating can be good,
According to one source,
a known tail dragger and lifelong lagger
who has no driving force!

Who knows, the job may vanish
by continued work evasion.
Don't even ask about your task,
not even the occasion!

The moral to the story is,
"Sit out the whole duration".
you'll learn to stall straight through it all,
and thwart the obligation!

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The Positive Side Of Procrastination