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Ain't nun right.

I just want to hold you.
Be able to hug you.
I want you to run your hand over my face.
Find you when I get home waiting on me on the porch.
Make you a cup of coffee.
Watch a movie and then lay down with you.
I would listen to you breathe until I fell asleep.
Rub your feet..
Massage your back.
Anything I could do to bring you comfort.
I would do anything.
I would rather be broke and be able to help you than
Doing what I'm doing right now.
I would do anything to go back to the world we created.
Leaving you was debilitating.
Being without you....well this is the darkest dark I've ever seen.
The loudest silence I've never heard.
It's just empty.
Im just empty.
I broke us.
I hurt you.
We had everything.
I left my heart.
I lost my mind.
I broke my soul.

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Ain`t nun right.