Zionist Hitlerian Hate

Zionist Hitlerian Hate

Israel is the present day premier racist apartheid state. Progenitor and enforcer of Hitlerian hate. Divide and conquer, entire populations forced to relocate

Disorientation and dislocation of Arab people populations. No US or UN embargos or sanctions against the racist Zionist neuclear capable state. Accountability free

In the Western World occupied Palestine has no defenders. Because the West have their own racist strategic agendas. Having given birth to conflict and chaos in the region

It was white power politics, white supremacy and toxic white pride that utilized the Balfour declaration to create and firmly established the terroristic Zionist nationof Palestinian hate

Instigating and assisting the abolishment of the Ottoman's Khalifah State. Blood and oil is indeed a lethal mix. It has caused great devastation and people to become transfixed in lives of turmoil and horror

Scant hope for a better tomorrow. For the Syrian, Lebanese, Jordania and people of the Palestinian nation. Overflowing into Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. Chaos created by the materialistic greed of the Euro-smeriKKKa man

Abu Lateef Ali Babatunde

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Zionist Hitlerian Hate