MAGA: standing on the backs

Moral and mental degeneration from the top. Government officials and the Cops. They are bipolar progenitors of polarity. Now a days not a rare thing to see

Especially when you direct your vision towards Washington DC. With a topsy turvy mentality they are hitting a new unprecedented level of homosexual Insanity

Resulting from their disobedience
to God and their devotion to the devil. Their opportunity to righteously govern
the people... they have lost it

Their wretched evil ways they were Incapable of quelling. Soon hell fire is where they will be dwelling. The scent of sulfur no garden flowers will they be smelling

Satan invisibly orchestrating from the church's steeple. Motionless becomes the progress of "We The People." Like the broken hands of a clock. Life is hell when enveloped within a perpetual parodox

A racist political ponzi scheme sold to the people and packaged under the trademark name and copyright known worldwide as the ameriKKKan dream. Built upon the backs of the Native Americans and the Blacks

Abu Lateef

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MAGA: standing on the backs