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In the eye of the storm

The birds swoop low, sky ill at ease, melting

Tarmac, hard to breathe, the birds fall quiet,

The air is still, a sign, a portent, if you will.

A sign a storm is not far off, distant thunder

Scares the dog, riles the cat, new milk turns

Sour, beware the lightning, don’t go out.

The swirl of the wind, and the rush of the rain,

Down thunderbolt alley near flash-lightning lane,

Humidity's high, take a dip in the air, the latest

Hair fashion's a frizzy affair. The cauldron is

Bubbling, the fire's burning high, there's fireworks

In heaven and fire in your eyes.

There are those who've been waiting for just such

A night, to throw back the covers when lightning

Bolts strike. Hearts throb to the thunder, lips long

For the rain, sweet kisses abound in tempestuous


Two figures embrace on electrified walls, to the

Rumble of thunder, a billion volt charge, intimate

Shadows flick-flash then they're gone, a heart

Stopping light show, a strobing light storm.

The higher the wind the tighter they cling, Legs,

Arms, and muscles, grip blood, bones, and skin,

A lover's crescendo that lasts until dawn, a

Passionate night, in the eye of the storm.

cool© Joseph G Dawsoncool