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I received an invitation to a wedding

Yesterday, for faerie folk and forest

Folk and other folk per se. Laced in

Gold the invite told of gaiety and fun,

Obviously RSVP, so I replied at once.

I enquired about a wish list, a broom

To sweep the nest, some cotton wool,

A basket full, on which to lay the

Eggs, a thimble might be useful or a

Magnet that attracts or perhaps some

Leaves, bound up in reeds, to keep the

Nest intact,

I’m off the see my tailor, a new suit

Best bespoke, his address is 15 Leafy

Lane, first left at Gradely Oak. A silk

Top hat most seemly, white gloves and

Satin spats, a walking cane, perchance

It rains, a handy plastic mac.’

© Joseph G Dawson