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You've screamed at me to become more civilized.
Townfolk have struck me with lash and cane.
But, there's a part of me no one can tame
I crave blood on the streets flowing into the drain.
I get aroused torturing the innocent.
my heart quickens from their pleas
and chilling cries
to put an end to their excrusciating pain..
That's when I go in for the kill even more
til they've gone completely insane...
Because, i don't see the upside of amnesty, clemency.
My compassion fatigue won't let them off..
Don't claim innocent
I'll only scoff.
We all have hell comin'
I'm no exception to that rule..
Before the end of my time,
,I'll quite likely get mine
For the pain, misery and suffering I dished out..
I expect it'll come back to me,
hit and kill me
no doubt.
I'm not  a merciful, warm, caring
 generous sort.
I film trainwrecks
 car and plane crashes.
Then,,rush my hard copy to Illustrated Sport.
I savor a good brawl,
a bare knuckle fist fight,
where the fighters are battered and bloodied
That's right.
I might start my own brawl with random strangers
for no other good reason, but for my lust for danger..
 Break my nose or bust my lip
I'll only brag to pretty girls about my hairlip.,
Maybe good fortune will grant me a black eye. 
I'll watch Nascar and airshows 
To see a  car crash or fatal flight.
 Place a hot bet on
a  dog or cock fight.

I  get a vicarious thrill from the cries of anguish at funerals
Oh, inglorious faces of death.
I'm drawn in by desperate screaming
of a blood soaked slaughterhouse mess.
I'd enjoy slaying farm animals.
With a gleam in my eye
I'm just not civilized.
I won't mourn my lack of your social graces.
or apologize.
I'm going to tell tell you right now,
from your sterns to your bows.
I like shipwrecks. without survivors.
Breaking horses, and branding cows
when something is shattered, smashed, or broken.
I see the symmetry
in  wreckage and decay
I'm not your best bet
for a house guest or bunkmate
When  asleep I might draw a  red dot on your chest
Then pierce your heart with an exploding grenade.
when my handiwork leaves a critical mess
Only then can I rest..
I skipped all my classes on the day in school
when the other kids drank nectar
from the Golden Rule
Instead inject me,
 infect me with rage, hate
and spite.
A full moon of night terrors
for this dark
child of the night. 
 Being good is a bore
I care less now
than ever before
to abide by your civilized life.

.Buddy Bee Anthony
All reproduction rights,, copyrights and editing rights reserved, as is, by this author

Re-edited 02/01/2024 @  2:12  PM Pacific Standard Time

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