Jungle heat

I turned right at a street intersection.
There she was, a stranger, with a sunny complexion.
She naturally walked from her core reminding me of jungle lore.
Jungle fire galore and danger lurking at the door.
You just knew she was fluffy and fat.
From a pet pussy in a meow to a roaring wild cat.
Fearlessly ready for any daring to mack.
In this jungle you had to pack, armed with a full rack.
There could be no lack after initiating an attack.
She knew her power. Poised to devour.
Then we passed each other, going in opposite directions.
Her energy was my only connection,
in the jungle heat charging my introspection,
until the next distraction would gain traction,
in desireís thirst for action.
Her eyes straight ahead, focused on envisioned prey,
stalking to wherever it lay.
A few more strides and she receded in my mirror.
Her silhouette tracing her form dearer.
As her energy signature painted the hunt nearer.