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Listening to silence in its purest form, cannot stop the glory that surrounds the heart with grace and love.
Haven't yet found a reason, to turn away a heart-felt person, expressing themselves in true incredible loving respect.
Sitting peacefully in silence we should always bow our heads down in grace, remembering how we were able to conquer so many difficulties with help from our Spiritual guides.
Feeling the warmth that appears inside us, when we see a little child running and laughing, the way all innocence has no flaws, just brilliance flowing from the depth of man.
Can you imagine at one time, when all was new and perfection was all around, and no thoughts were against corners of hidden walls, no binders to keep away beasts of wicked dealings.

Breathing in the glory of God's sweet freshness bringing peace, love, and light flowing from within, cannot be born a thought so magnificent, has mother Universe in her birth before anything was created.

Nothing made from something will always create everything, the mystery of life surrounds, never let the wonder leave, never let the dreams stop always imagine flowers around you and soft music playing in your special space. Create your sweet love story, and keep writing it every day of your life, never will it, be put down for those who read, it is your wisdom you are writing in words, your story, so special you could not of penned it differently.
Be your own survivor, you make all happen, no one will live your life but you, smile!
Live for the now, life will treat you well if you treat life well. When you really go deep down! think about life, and all that goes with living. It is logic! that makes it work, not foolish desires that soon disappear in a make-believe world.

Go ahead play your songs, make your wish, admire the Universe, all was created for all of us, and we don't even know why! We do know, that what comes our way is meant to come our way, our remarkable awareness finding answers, to strange outcomes.

Be good to you! Love yourself, hug Mother Nature daily, as each day is born new, and we are new each and every minute of life.
Peace, Love, Light, and Harmony

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