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Chapter And Verse

We British are a funny lot
Over taxed and browbeaten
Choosing our leaders from
Oxbridge Harrow and Eton.
In our own little world
Living  on past glory
But in the present
A very different story.

Once a mighty power that
Really did rule the waves
Now just an offshore island
Ruled by a class of knaves.
What's left of our industry
Controlled from overseas
With foreign owners who
Do just as they please.

Pull up the drawbridge
Close our borders down
Seemingly happy to let
Desperate migrants drown.
Fruit rots on the trees
Ready but unpicked
A situation apparently
Nobody could predict.

We're in a state of austerity
Coming through it by stages
So sadly we can't afford
To  pay decent living wages.
So just knuckle down
And accept the situation
Knowing in our hearts
It's good for the  nation

This is Great Britain and
We've  got our country back
And for the ruling classes
A case of we're all right Jack.
Loudly sing Rule Britannia
And wave our Union Flags
And queue at the food banks
To fill our grocery bags

As the Harroviansl and Etonians
With their Oxbridge  Degrees
Once again bring this Country
Slowly down to its knees
Remember they were voted for
By a mass of careless fools
Who learned their three R's
In our crumbling State Schools.

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