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Armageddon Way

In a world that waits at traffic lights on

Armageddon Way, disaster left, extinction

Right, burn to a crisp? Go straight. The

Wipers on, the engine roars, there’s no

One at the wheel, the car’s been sat there

Now for weeks and still there’s been no


Traffic lights in turmoil, gridlock for all

To share, no one knows which way

To go and if go back, go where? Traffic

Lights are stuck on Red, no solid bright

Green glow, not while the children in the

Back are at each others throats.

In a world that waits at traffic lights, a wait

Without an end, ‘in it for the long haul,’ on

Which so much depends. The traffic lights

Were fixed today, a prelude to a race, Rolls

Royce, Mercedes, Cadillac, Range Rover,

Chevrolet, the unexpected winner, a

Moskvitch 408.

© Joseph G Dawson