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I am not a Christian
Though have been liable
To read and study parts
Of the Christian Bible.
I must admit to being
More than a little astounded
They seem to ignore the texts
On  which they were founded.
Each Church is rich,
Stores up things of worth
Not there in Heaven but
Down here on this Earth.

The money changers
Give their ardent thanks  
For what they've secreted
In their offshore banks.
Those sumptuous robes
In which the clergy dress
Seem to be designed
Just In order to  impress.
All seem to be against
What the scriptures say
About taking your wealth
And giving it away.

They don't practice Christianity
The way their Bible teaches
Though they pay lip service
The way each sect preaches.
I am not in any way  a theist
But respect any believer
Sad that regardless of sect
Each is exploited by their leader
No, I am not a Christian
Though i try to live by their creed
Try to be honest and generous
And share with those in need.

I am not a Christian
Or of any other belief
I don't wish to cause
Friends sadness or grief
I have much respect for
Those ground level believers
So sad they seem to have
Such hypocritocal leaders.
Their modern lesson seems
For this and every day,
Don't  do what i do
Just do what i say.

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