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Been a while

Been a while since my cramps were this bad.
What I wouldn't give for a nap date.
A really good hug.
I went to one of our spots today.
Had a book.
Was even able to read a few pages.
The menu looked nothing like I remember.
The food that we ate....
It tastes better when I'm eating it with you.
Coffee....yea it's not good.
I don't even make tea anymore.
My stomach has been in knots ever since.
I ate a few fries.
Ate one rib.
Then sickness had set in.
I got ill.
I had to leave.
You were the everything to my everything.
Still are.
Our blend was everything.
It's been a while.
But I'll keep waiting until the next lifetime.
Or the one after.
Goodness knows I've done enough damage in this one.
Still my sweets.
In any lifetime.
You're still my heart.
In whatever form or fashion....
I pray I can find a way back to you.
In whatever form or fashion....
I pray you'll see I can give you the love you deserve.
Consistently and consciously.
Being fully aware that I come to you and only you.
Maybe not this lifetime.
But one day.
We will blend to create our own colors again.
I miss you.
I love you.

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Been a while