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Old Men

It is said there is wisdom
That comes with old age:
In the Middle East it seems
To bring a frustrated rage.

The old men in their Palaces
Obsessed by their truth
Issue calls to battle to the
Flower of  their nation's youth.
The young men die fighting
Those old men's wars
Die fighting for their obscure
And out of date cause.
Uneasy peace then exists until
That dread day when
The old men issue their next call
To go to war again.

Perhaps the young men should
Insist thst they are being  led
With those Old Men at the front
Let them risk being of  the dead.
Let those wizened old men die
In the cause of their creed
And see what effects then
Their demise may seee.
It's only leadership by cowardice
That thinks there's any good
In fighting their battles to
The last drop of another's blood.

The old men quarrel and plot
As a frustrated world asks why
And  hope for a period of change
When those  old men finally die.

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