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Rex's Blessings

Now, Rex knew how empty his life was,
knowing there was so much that he had miss,
Then his blessings came alone,
showing him love so strong.

Each one a loy, that always showed how much that they did carew,
hardly able to wait with their daddy each moment to share.
Happy each one each girl, each boy,
sometimes tears of hurt, tears of joy.

Now one is forever gone,
ou hope one day to see her before long.
An angel waiting for her turn to go to heaven her new home
knowing that she will never again be alone

Now, the other five lives on,
knowing their father's love is strong.
All the years they had together,
each moment sometimes sad, sometimes better.

Now, Heather was one of Rex's blessing to be sure,
Elizabeth, Jessica, Josh, Aaron, and Mellisa has the key to Rex's heart's door.
Now, this is Rex's story,
with all his children's glory.


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Rex`s Blessings

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