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Nonstick Coating

He's the Politician's politician
Amazing all with the ease
He cruises through public life
Somehow avoiding all the sleaze.
It seems he's Teflon coated
Pulling all the dirty tricks
Yet when it comes to blame
No accusation ever sticks.

Loud voiced and abusive
He slides easily through life
And only a naïve fool would
Trust him anywhere near his wife.
With his quick release zipper
And his foul arrogant  way
He's your modern party leader
Reflecting the morals of today.

He's the maker of the rules
But thinks it rather absurd
Few realise they're not for him
But just for the common herd.
So, all stand to attention
And wave your Union Flags
While he behind the scenes
Fills his bulging money bags.

It's the public double standards
He supposedly really hates
While not far behind  the scene he
Shovels cash out to his mates.
He's the Politician's politician
Whose luck never seems to fail
When in any just society he'd
Be languishing long term in jail.

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