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The Wisdom Of Age

Wisdom comes with age
So the old saying goes
But so does dementia
As the world so sadly knows.
It's so easy to be vociferous
Brave aggressive and bold
Deferring action to others
Just because they've  grown old

If Old Men fought the wars
Would there be quite so many
And as more of them got killed
Would there even be any.
Maybe they'd realise
It's better to jaw jaw jaw
Than to risk their lives
Going off to senseless war.

It is after all just
A crazy situation
Sending off to war
The youth of any nation.
No let the Old Men fight
And let the old ‘men die
It really couldn't be long before
Old men started asking why

And found alternatives so
Nobody had to fight and die.
Maybe they'd discover
And give diplomacy a try.
So much more incentive
To avoid any mortal strife
When the life put at risk
Is an old person's own life.

Bur if they insist that
They really want to try
Put them in uniform and           
Let them go off to die.
Better to have them be
The wounded or dead
Than younger men with
Their whole lives ahead.

So put the Old Men in uniform
Give them the bayonet and gun
It's  not really fair after all to let
Younger men have all the fun.
It's called taking responsibility for
So many of the things going wrong
Maybe Old Men have been in charge
Mucking things up for far too long.

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