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I'll give my life for you to live.

Not being there for you
I didn't think it through when I left.
That's the problem.
I only thought about what I needed or wanted
I'm sorry
Please don't die.
I know I can't take it back
But if I could be there for you every single day I would.
I know I can't fix it
But can I make it better at all?
I thought staying away and letting you move on was right
I thought it were selfish of me to stay
But if I had stayed I would've had a chance to make it better at least
Now I'm just watching through an obstructed view
Just wanting to be there for you.
I hate this distance.
I hate that disease.
I hate that this is the mess I've made of us.
I hate that I can't be there for you to at least try.
I hate that I wasn't there.
Praying you get better still.
Praying for happiness for you.
Praying for peace inside of you.
Missing every piece of you.
I'm rotting away without you.
On a speedy special downhill descent.
But I suppose that's what happens when you leave the best part of you.
When you leave your family and everything good in your life.
All you have to look forward to is your slow demise.
Fading fast...
But my medicine...
It got lost in translation.
Onward to the bottom.

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I`ll give my life for you to live.