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The last poem I'll write

I'm not going to try and change your mind about me.
Once you get a narrative In your head....
There's no changing it.
I'm the villain.
I'll be that for you if you live.
You don't know how it feels to have nothing and want to give someone the world
Or to want to be someone's everything when you feel you're nothing.
I never ever believed you all to be nothing.
I believed myself to be holding you back.
From everything.
You're still upset with me.
Yet and still you've asked if I held anything negative in my heart for you.
All I hold is love.
Though it may not make sense to you...
It made sense to me that I was bad for you.
Now you sit trying to end it all.
I left because I was bad for you.
Now it's what I'm standing on.
I'm the villain.
You the victim of runaway love.
Still doesn't mean I never loved you.
Still doesn't mean I didn't care for you.
I left all my things behind because I didn't want to be the manipulator you said I was.
I just say what I feel.
You'll never come back to me.
Those are the facts.
I know this and still crave no other.
6 lunar cycles have passed without my being touched by another
I'll take my punishment for what I've done to you.
I'll waste away soon.
Now the hurt remains
But the vessel that was a tool of such will be no more.
Be free if you want.
I'll never be free of you.
Your memories play on a loop.
Your touch....I still feel it on my skin
My body reacts to the memories of you and that's just wild.
But here we are.
This is what I've done.
I release you.
You have it figured out without me.
You will do better without me.
Now I'm done talking about it.
It's killing me from the inside out.
I know what I did.
But you should move on.
I left so you would be happy.
You were not happy with me.

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The last poem I`ll write