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They chant they want their country back.
Well, for what that's worth
They'd only get what the've  always had
A hole six foot deep in the Earth.
They parade down wide London streets
Hurling  abuse taunts and jeers
Feeling more entitled  and self important
Than they've felt for many years.

Manipulated and mobilised in a dubious cause  
In a political  power game
Then, protest very quickly over and everything  
Will remain just the same.
They never ever challenge that rigid status quo
Never ever question why
Just chant they want their sacred country back
Sing I'm English till I die.

That false sense of patriotism being drilled
Into very receptive minds
That never realise those same politicians
Contemptuously rob them blind.
They set them loose on city streets or to
Rampage about a town
But when they've served their purpose
Then cynically hunt them down.

They chant they want their country back
They think things are bad
They chant they want their country back
But it's a thing they've never had,
For the British are a docile lot ever ready
To lift and doff their cap
To the Lord of the Manor just because he's
Such a jolly good chap.

So pull up the drawbridge to this sacred isle
Keep the boats out
We'll march and demonstrate on the street
Yell, scream and shout.
Wave the Union flag, sing the national anthem
Promote intolerance and hate          
As our little offshore island progresses to being          
The fifty first American State.


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