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But maybe some of my best writes
Are nights like tonight
Dazed and confused
Uncertain with so many things
But so certain with others
How I'd die for the truth
I'm not sure
Because what would I do with it
Is it the unknown that keeps the chase?
Or is it the fire?
Really, I'm afraid
My own reflections are scaring me
I love you
Like, I do
But that's sad
Because you might not know
What *that* love is
That's not to insult you
I don't think less of you
I just genuinely don't know you
What I do know,
(Emphasize *know*)
I love.
Oh I love, and love, and love
It takes all the righteousness in me
To abstain myself
I feel you are a dream
But dreams can be deceiving
Dreams can be fictitious
Which are you?
Damn would I love to know
Let me feel you
These moments are quick
And then gone
But their value so far exceeds that worry
Kiss me
But then tell me it's only me
Even if I have no rights
Tell me what's true
Just tell me what's true

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