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Howl Alukah.

Slowly rising from behind a tree line
Looms the moon like a glowing eye
Across it's face flies a winged silhouette
Soon disappeared to the darkened sky

In the quiet stillness undisturbed
The eternal sleep of buried bones.
As a blanket of fog laps and curls
Against formed ranks of gravestones

Beyond the walls of consecrated ground
Dwellers of the nocturnal come alive
From within the earth to tree top canopy
Safe within superstition they thrive.

From the depths of a wood they gather
With eyes of rubies on fire in the dark
To the edge of two worlds they approach
Drawn by the will of an ancient matriarch.

Raised heads to the sky see a figure flying
Above the church spire swooping earthbound
Upon landing wings of a great mane retract
As wolves howl ĎAlukah' in a joyous resound.

The first transformed from flesh of humankind
A scourge birthed in the age of Babylon
She now is mother to births of the immaculate
Those buried without God's protection.

Outside the walls of the grave yard there lies
One such interred ostracised in death's languor
A suicide who in life with illness of mind, suffered
While in death religion denied him a saviour.

While Alukah overlooks with calm anticipation
Wolves dig perfervidly as claws churn the earth
A scraping sounds that their goal is reached
And all is ready for this wretched soul's rebirth.

Reaching in, the casket lid is wrenched and cast aside
Revealing a man with blazing eyes of yellow, staring
Pupils focus, his mouth opens with a rasping breath
Alukah, with an outstretched hand smiles, beckoning.

Howls resound all around as the wood comes alive
Filling the air thick with incantations of summoning.
Rising from the grave he floats darkly angelic
In readiness, as one more to this communion is coming.

All eyes look to the church as the door swings open
From the darkened galilee a priest appears.
Gripped reverently in both hands a crucifix
A symbol created to relieve those of guilt and fears.

He reaches the gateway of the graveyard
Met by Alukah smiling as if to an old friend
Caressing the cross she kisses his cheek
With affection shown in a stroke of her hand.

By the untamed nature between light and dark
Such beings were spawned from human kind
Vying over mortals who became a multitude
So an accord they struck to corral them to a single mind.

Create the evil to fear, while offering protection
Keeping the masses malleable in a mindful enclosure
While a symbol of faith with a simple inversion
Serves to remind them of their fallible nature.

Immortality is the cross these two bare
Never to be as they once were in a life once mortal
Protecting the boundaries of balance
Never to be released through death's portal.

In a final act of initiation, kneels the new born
With a hand of blessing placed upon his head
Rising solemnly the priest nicks his own neck
An offering to feed in the unity of the undead.

With the song of dawn echoing under a paling sky
Beneath wind rustled trees, all melt away but one
For he must tend to priestly duties in the church
Playing his role within the walls of holy protection.

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Howl Alukah.