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 From the Heart Through the Pen


“5, 4, 3, 2…I let one go”


And I ain’t talking dropping the fever 

I had 3 years B4…


Hey Love, they’re trying to lay claim to your throne

Replace your name with their own 

They’re still trying to guess who you are

Swearing it’s them

And I’m playing hard to get…yet…


You’re my desert oasis

With Aaliyah tendencies

About to speak now or…

Summer began and it’s so cruel, love

Yet you know all the right places 

To heal me with those gorgeous brown jewels, love 

They’re still trying to figure 

Exactly what you’re saying to me 

Not realizing it’s all in your touch

She thought I did so much for them

Yet she still lacked fulfillment

Thought it meant something

Wait till she finds out what I do for you

Then she’ll understand true commitment

As I drown in your pearls 

As you brighten my world 

With your diamonds so Doey like

Wait till she finds out 

She was never my type

She failed to realize you’re why

I know anything about pineapples diced

Did she even read Unexplored Heights

Give me the word and I’ll stop the riddles

Finally revealing all these subliminals

And they’ll find you in the rough

Beaming crystal clear through night skies

Beauty so natural you need no disguise

Have they even heard your version 

Off the ledge, on the verge and…


¥☼MOI☼¥  5 Jul 23




She over there listening to “WTIWYN”

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