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If I Am Being Honest

If I'm being honest….
I can't be the one to fix your broken heart.

I can be there for you when you feel like life is falling apart.
I can hold you in on the nights that you just can't shake your thoughts.
I can be the shoulder you cry on when you need to let it all out.

But I can't be the one to fix your broken heart

They say you attract what you are and they might be right cause I've been broken my whole life.
to heal the heart of men that could never see the light.
just can't understand how even on my worst day I can see the brighter side

But I can't be the one to fix your broken heart.

Cause I'm still waiting on someone to heal mine.
And some might say that I'm selfish but I tried,
I tried to love a man who just couldn't open his heart to the possibility that he is someone worth loving.
How can I convince you when I'm still trying to convince myself that I am someone worth fighting for.
worth the truth even when the lies were so much sweeter

I am damaged but not fragile.
I am sincere but not naive.
I know that no matter how good this feels one day you might leave and
I'm still trying to believe that I am someone worth fighting

If you knew that I wasn't really put together and this was all going to be an uphill battle
would I still be the one you choose?

Am I worth the journey if you know how much you had to lose
because I
want you to see me as I see you a vessel of two broken people trying to navigate this thing called life.
Slapping band aids on wounds that go deeper than the flesh.
I know you're trying your bestt…to love me.
And I swear the world stops every time you hug me

And I can't be the one to fix your broken heart.

Because I know this can get ugly and the truth is I'm just scared that once you are healed you'll go off running
because for too long I've been a doormat for broken men to dust issues off on never the one they take home.
I've been the rebound for too many who thought love could make them whole again and again and again

I'm just so tired of being the one that looks good on paper.
I'm tired of being the one that’s not their right.
I want someone to choose me even if it means losing the old them
cause the healed version of me just wants to hold you.
To be vulnerable and never let go.

So even if I can't be the one to fix your broken heart

I could have made the space for you comfortable to be able to do it on your ow
But you wouldn't let me 


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