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Truth and Lie

When darkness across the sky does slink,
Creeping into minds, clouding how I think;
When light is reduced to a feeble glow,
I begin to ponder all that I know.

How much is true, and how much is lie;
How much will be revealed before I die?
Did ancient aliens visit in the long ago past,
Is this a new age, or perhaps the last?

Will our world end in a nuclear blast,
Or topple with age, like civilizations past?
Do cryptids exist, and what about other myth?
Skinwalkers, Wendigoes, and all their kin and kith?

Will China take Taiwan, and what about Ukraine?
All these questions that circle around my brain.
Who is more corrupt, Trump or Sleepy Joe?
Who will be the next president, surely I don't know!

Some say focus on children, and teaching morality;
Others point to wars and crime, and growing mortality.
Our world seems more complex, spiraling ever faster,
Like a spell out of control, but who is the caster?

So I sit here, gazing at the ever darkening sky...
And wonder what is truth, and what is lie?

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Truth and Lie