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I am the night.

From below a graveyard, derelict
I depart the company of worms
Mindless to all in their activity
Such relentless consumers of dirt

Night takes me in it's embrace
As higher I ascend in flight
Free from my earthly prison
Though, a sanctuary from light.

A blanket of glittering diamonds
Beneath me the city lights glow
With sprawling arterial streets
Where such blood vessels flow.

I frequent thresholds of shadow
Within alleyways of dark abyss
Bodies of sustenance walk by
As a spider I await with patience.

Life's thrill seekers of dark places
Ever travelling a razors edge
Voraciously consuming taboos
Daring to lean out from the ledge.

All curious and sassy she enters the alley
Flirting with death like some femme fatale
Eagerly wanting what she thinks I can give
Till I reveal what I will with a canine smile.

Her swaggering intrigue melts away
As fear collapses a countenance
So too all prior self possession
As pitifully she begs for existence.

With my finger pressed upon her lips
I influence a mindless compliance
Free from any thoughts of escape
She awaits to serve my subsistence.

Within the emptiness of my chest
I feel her heart beating in place
As before my eyes a red mist falls
I envy the humanity in her face.

Her neck arches to a lasting kiss
A soft whimper with a last breath
Swallows barely contain the flow
As hunger climaxes with her death.

Of life now we are both drained
Having released her soul of blight
No longer questioning boundaries
For I answered, for I am the night.

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I am the night.