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Inspired Knowledge

Inspired thoughts climb to heights that have no explanation for who we have been once upon a time.

We cling to the imagination and what was a matter of interfering love caught in a time of space.

We assumed that love was just a word without meaning, only one thing they forgot to mention, love didn't come from us it came from a higher power filled with enlightenment and peace.

Inspired but once only in ways can we really understand the knowledge and wisdom we really have in our thoughts without notice.

Flowing through channels unknown to man, thoughts gather together to make meaning clearer, what a civilized thought used to mean in long-lost centuries.

We cannot gather snow among the wilderness once it is installed with the rainbow's brightness and truth.

Enlightenment casts her shadow upon people of light and peace, people are known for their strength and courage to resist evil and the darkness that comes with it.

No more shall the largest star anoint us and bring us untruth to our fellowman known now as the white angels of understanding and knowledge.

Come collect your favors of love which is true to your spirit that brings wisdom, and wisdom brings understanding, to your questions without answers.

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Inspired Knowledge