Trespass on the populace

Morning had not long blossomed
before I began to suspect political possum.
A stirring unease troubling my bosom.
All the usual tricks, moving goal posts and bricks.
Making sure the lies stick.
Yard fowls plenty and thick,
but there would be no hat trick,
their narrative pin pricked.
The popularity of a falling star polling bleak.
Their political news speak flailing and weak,
slipping now on bared slopes, as the mountain of truth peaks.
A rising populace now outstripping their pace,
farm the global streets and bastions with waste.
An apt manure to force a political cure from global leaders impure.
Attacking the farmers like a fallen congress of perverse curs,
have surely irate wrath incurred,
their political careers interred.
Their inflamed political world think perturbed.
Philosophical folly, their starvation policy,
no farming destroys the food supply.
Unjolly the mad weftians to think their no food to eat plan can apply.
The brave farmers leading the battle cry!!!
Now will the rising sea, no favor for them curry,
and descend in bastille fury.
The peopleís revolution forging global solutions.
We are all truckers and farmers fighting for our lives and livelihoods
against the globalist mind pollution.

CI-46526344617 Knight Truelove Poems