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 From the Heart Through the Pen



You intoxicate me 

How do I get you out my system

Hey Mz. Sullivan 

You know how I get with your voice in my ear

Even if it’s only 10 seconds

Whether I in or exhale

Or just a simple injection

Don’t let me mention these full 7 addictions

Your beauty’s got me confessing

Wait…what in the world

No mask tendencies

Thought I left that all behind me

Then you got within my proximity 

Your pearls flashed 

And I was hooked immediately 

Déjà vu 

But this time blonde with blue sapphires

You know there’s gonna be misdirection as

I’m trying to get lost in those gems

Do you desire me like I do you

How close do you let our lips get

Before we settle the affairs of our hearts

Once they meet 

Do you anticipate the flutter and calm

Will our passion ever allow them to part

Don’t be alarmed but

Do our breaths ever escape

How long will you savor our taste

Don’t let me get too deep

Cause we’ll be planting seeds


 ¥☼MOI☼¥  19 Feb 24


I’m but human 

With the power to make you melt

I love challenges

I’ll take you to unexplored heights

That not even I knew we could reach

I’ll capture your heart, soul, and speech

You can keep your sanity

Cause I need you to know it’s all real

The passions, the stars, the moons

The journeys, the flights

The joys, the laughs

Our love

I’ve got no control of you

I’m losing control of me

If you keep pushing these boundaries 

You complicate me, amor

"I done found me a drinkin partna"

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