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When darkness encroaches and daylight wanes,
Casting dying beams through dusty windowpanes;
When silence envelopes you like a cloak,
And you feel you must scream or surely choke;

When tension fills the air like a lightning storm,
And you begin to shiver though the night is warm;
When you start and whirl at the slightest sound,
And chains of terror across your heart are bound;

When the wind begins to blow with a ghostly moan,
And with dread you realize you are NOT alone;
When floorboards creak with displaced weight,
And you know you can't sleep though the hour is late;

When your thoughts scamper round like a hamster on a wheel,
And your sanity is slowly sliced away, peel after peel;
When you turn on a radio, just for some noise,
And you begin to feel like one of HIS toys...

Then know the Reaper comes for you,
And your time in this realm is all but through.
Say your goodbyes and prepare your heart,
For your long hellride is about to start.

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