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Stuck in a nightmare I created.

I just want it to be over for real.
Everything reminds me of you.
I've never wished for a case of amnesia so bad.
Forward feels like death.
Backwards is impossible.
I live in the pits of darkness.
Still falling apart, I am bones.
With no pieces to pick up and nothing left.
I left my everything....
I left my love and my life.
As I sit, empty....
Nothing on earth fills this void.
Just wait until I meet my demise.
It'll be the next time I smile.
I'll no longer be here without you.
I pray it comes soon.
But....as my luck would have it...
I'll tell my grandkids this story in hopes that they don't make the selfish decisions I've made.
I hope someone takes me out of this misery soon.

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Stuck in a nightmare I created.