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Every living thing dies one day but a suicidal one will die much faster than others. There is no other creature more suicidal than us - the human beings destroying us. Wise people like Sir David Attenborough warn us about Global warming and Warns us about the CO2 emissions but they have no power to do anything about it And powerful people like President Trump do not believe in Global warning, Pulls out of Paris agreement and opens up factories once closed due to excessive CO2 emissions make the USA with 4.4% of the world population producing 15.6% CO2 Making the USA the maximum CO2 producer per person without a second thought of Consequences on the entire world climate, global warming, rising sea level and loss of Coastal cities, extreme weather and loss of coral reefs, many forests and habitats. Trying to be world policeman, preaching not to develop atomic weapons while Storing enough atomic weapons that can kill millions of people and other creatures.

Late Prime Minister of India Desai said to then US President that. "Get rid of your nuclear weapons and we will sign the Non-proliferation Treaty." The USA kept the Atomic Weapons and India made Atomic Weapons too. Pakistan got the Nuclear weapons And sooner or later Atomic War between two archenemies will kill millions of innocents.

No other creature on Earth has such capabilities to be so suicidal, set to destroy not just humans but totally innocent all other creatures on Earth with no exception.Dinosaurs lasted millions of years. How long we will last is not so hard to guess.

With all our creative power used to destroy the environment, we have no future.

Kris ~ Dreamweaver
25th February 2019.

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