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First, it was Korea,
Then it was Vietnam;
Then Iraq and Libya
And the Middle East,
Where they practised
To let down people
And run away leaving
Those who helped them.

Last one to practise
Betraying people
who trusted and helped them
and to run away leaving them
to the mercy of the Taliban
are the people of Afghanistan.

You might wonder
Who is the next trusting victim
Of the betrayal by the USA?
Let me tell you,
It is going to be TAIWAN.
It is just a question of time
When China gobbles up Taiwan;
Just the way they gobbled up Tibet.

Kris ~Deeamweaver
19th September 2021.

 The threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine tests Biden administration
The Washington Post.
The USA has said it will protect Ukraine if attacked by Russia. Is it going to add to the list of USA's failed promises?
The time will tell.
30th November 2021.
Trump in the Whitehouse will be friendly with Putin and let Europe face war with Russia alone for sure. He has said so publically.
30th March 2024.

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