I am worse at what I do best

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The Ghost of My Personality in a Cookie Cutter Shape

I'm Antichrist as long as he's antitrust
Fire under one's feet sort of moral traits

Selling drivel with cleavage shots and baby like skin
With jingles that are a waste of musical talent

Feed the poor and cold
Starve the feverish rich

the storm is coming, says the quack looking for views
Can everyone's 15 minutes be over now?
I knew we lost when humans became brands

Give the clown the crown
And see how more we're endangered

Shooting fast talkers in slow motion
To slow down the spin
Catch and bury on every resume
As long as the dark money keeps pouring in
The citizens will only be united in suffering

Lack of interest and live in the moment routines.
Has them pulling fast ones with their reality smoke machines.

Give me a holler and sell me a dollar
The future was never meant for the long haul
Just enough time to let the bastards eat caviar
while we suck on the crumbs of their fables

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The Ghost of My Personality in a Cookie Cutter Shape