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1) Her Last Day

With each drip dropping, the sun wept,
Falling off each ray of shine it kept.
With morn the stars joined it's grief,
The lack of growth - the lack to succeed.
Heart left curious on behalf of it's time,
As the blood flowed from the wounded life.
She was among the many with this classic tale,
In her hands common dreams were held.
Her fortune lasted only so long,
Before the love had quenched and gone.
Her wishes withered beneath the dirt,
Along with her failure and invisible worth.
A God-sent angel with silver tipped wings,
Gathered from her hands -the mess of dreams.
Touched her heart - blew a whisper of care,
Reminding her that God was in there.
Cast the incomplete dreams to the ground,
Rippled dress exchanged to new gown.
And at last, her life finalized...
Beyond her dreams - unto paradise.

~DaYnA e. 5/23/03

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1) Her Last Day