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Little Sister

In my eyes you are so sweet,
Your cute face could never repeat.
My little sister you mean everything to me,
Since the first day I held you, since the day you could see.
Watching you grow, keeping bad away,
My love for you could never run astray.
My vow to you when you were young,
Was to keep you safe and your heart not stung.
Wanting to hold you when you cry,
Wanting to see and show you by.
Growing beautiful I can only guess,
Your boy troubles how you will stress.
Oh, how you have seemed like my own little girl,
My you have grown it took but a swirl.
Don't grow up to fast it will come in due time.
You will have that day when wedding bells chime.
Take your time because being a child is sweet,
Cause when you grow older, oh the bills you will meet.
Play with your friends and be good to,
Parents may not see but God sees you.
Darling I know things go wrong,
But lift up your chin and sing a song.
If someone glares, smile your best,
Because a beautiful smile weighs out the rest,
If anything forget this never,
That my love for you nothing could measure.

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