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I Saw Jealously Plotting Today...

I don’t know where the respect is, cause it was not here when I opened the door to visit your mind
And I seen and felt the hatred pasted everywhere about me
Let me say this, because you think you are above all, but yet you are a man
If a bullet has the capabilities of killing you off,  bring that pedestal that you have build down for yourself just a notch
And while you looking at me from your own perceptional illusion, when you are a man with a mind and I am a man with a mind

Yes, by all means soar through the skies while nothing but death, your own mind or God can break you, but place the heart, including your thoughts in a humble place sometimes, that you are not confused into thinking you are something you are not

The jealously is running wild, but why?   And the ego’s, they are actually and literally congregating on how you can be above all and draw the love from my way, towards your way

Worry about you and I’ll worry about me.  Cause while you trying to worry about me, you not even watching that person behind you, and yes they are actually trying to plot on you and you thought it was me

I can’t even hate on you even though you hating on me, because I lose some of my love
And I want all my love cause it makes my strength grow and it makes me whole and I want to be whole at all times possible

Have you forgot what it means to be a real man?
Love and strength is always involved in being a real man.  And if you think otherwise, then you have no idea.  And if your actions aren’t showing that, then you are walking down a one way street in the opposite direction, trying  not to get knocked down or maybe even killed.

Because sometimes when you hate someone, you want to be just like that person, and if the hatred is extreme, you will even try to kill them or at least plot the killings silently in your head.
So that there very existence is no more, and the very pedestal that you built for them with your own mind is destroyed;
that’s what you thought....
But just remember God was watching you, and you will have to pay in some kind of way

Jealously: Don't become involved with its dealings,
Do not let it become your friend...
The man who is jealous is the man who will not succeed, because it requires you to destroy the positive from your own mind and revert it into negativity onto your own thoughts. And you are feeding yourself hatred with the jealously you are having upon someone else.

Copyright 2003  Tinisha Nicole Johnson

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I Saw Jealously Plotting Today...



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