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~You Are To Me This And Much...More~
(Free Verse)

Because... You are, every single rain that falls,
And makes me cringe and cry every, summer,
You're each and every thunder,that makes me run and hide,
Right, under my...bed.

You are like...

Every single nightmare,that wake me up into my skin,
And make me sweat with each and every dreaded... fear,
You are like a....
Bad news, for which I wish sometimes, I was rather dead,

You are...

Each and every stupid, and lousy song that I hate,
And believe it would be better off for me, if I was rather deaf,
And I refuse just to hear it...

You are...

That kind of man, not a straight nor gay person,
Or a drag queen, abnormal or normal, would want you
To go out...or been seen with...

You are...

The one, that not even for a bad cloning, they would want,
To mess with....wow...how impressive, you are my dearie, to me...

You are...

Like bad food, that just causes indigestion and for weeks
And a day a very severe case of... heartburns...

You are...

That particular car, that sometimes we might have, around
And always runs out of gas, and everywhere, breaks all the time

You are...

That very lousy book I should never have bought or read.
The one I felt like trashing right to the...sea,
To feed, and kill all the sharks,everythere, that I see.

You are...

That over-process and rancid wine,colorless and unjustly,sour
Not fit for my belly at all to drink but just for the...loo.

Yes,I hope you get it, from me very loud and clear,
Now that I got it all,off my chest, I want you to know
That You are to me this and much...more and that...and
I am so very Happy and relief that I don't even know,'cause, you're a creep.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000

Author notes:
Just a silly,funny poem I wrote for a poetry challenge.

Not intended to anyone in particular. Just a fictional very silly & funny write....
Thats all! Hope you enjoy any you read in it...lol.:-)

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