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Sleepless nights

I am awaken in the night at hours that are strange,
 alone and in mourning, love is not what it may seem.
So that I may be joined with the one of whom I speak,
 let me return to my slumber, and to my dream.

My nights are filled with dreams of tears,
 and a longing for the one who will not be here.

Rainy days, and sleepless nights,
 have become apart of my so called life.
A life so raveged, that it torments my heart,
 I cannot eat, I cannot breath, I sleep now to depart.
I sleep to suffer, as I suffer to sleep,
 from the loss that I've suffered, I am now incomplete.
A shattered shell of a man, who just doesn't understand
 this thing we call love, and all that it means.
Heartbroke and begging, resting on my knees,
 I love you my darling, please dont leave.

There is only one thing that I've found to be true,
Love is not love, when you find you're loves fool.

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Sleepless nights

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