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Imaginary Friend

Demonic obsessions,
Unanswered questions.
WIth an invisible life that hides,
Pillow charmed with a face that cries.
In the night, camouflaged in daylight.
Behind the smile of a star,
Who's destiny is so far-
From reality.
Her hidden life weighed with rain,
A heart that beats with insanity and shame...
Like a game-
She holds the hand of an invisible friend.
The world never heard her cries,
So her imagination believes otherwise.
Walks down the street and grabs a flower,
Dances among the rain's shower.
So her mourning could be turned into pride,
And perhaps the polluted skies-
Would pass on by.

~DaYnA e. 6/18/03

It's so remarkable how somebody can catch a handful of meaningless words and drip them on a page so that in a matter of little time, you have a powerful piece of art work that nobody could ever emotionally relate to as much as yourself- For nobody knows how much value the poem holds... There is such a fantastic amount of hidden meaning and definition.

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Imaginary Friend