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~I am The One And Only~
(Free Verse)

I am the One and only that did created the earth,
The stars, the moon and the sea,
I did created everything,don't you see and that goes also for you
So how, dare you to say in my presence,that I don't even exist

I put you here on earth, to enjoy and to take care of things,
I even let you name every single creature that I did make,
And granted you the most beautiful woman to have for your wife,
While I did pour out for you my love and my blessings!

I gave you life and a free will to do how you choose,
But you dissobeyed me and Satan instead did you choose.
Well there you have it,sin and evil had forever entered this place,
You did spoil it for you and the rest for generations to come.

You let in sin,you turned paradise into hell,and your life,
And the others can't never since then be the same.
How could you do that?after all that I've done for you,
And all in the name,for you of my love.

But well, like it wasn't for you enough, down I sent you,
My most precious possession and joy, I also gave you my Son,
To die in a cross and fully pay for all your sins,
Do you get it now? I give you another chance to live here with me.

Because by now you ought to had accept it and truly believe
That Jesus Christ his really the Savior,for all the awaited Messiah
Before you die I give you every chance to repent of your sins
And let Jesus come in and renew forever your heart.

So how can you sit there,passing any judgment on me
Don't you see? no matter what if in the end you want to believe or not
I am the One and Only One, I am really after all your God!
The Supreme One that has all the power over heaven and earth.

Over every single creature, nature and man, and that's you
So how dare you? to say in my presence, that I don't even exist
Don't you still get it? that your very existence,
Reposes or hangs, in the little niche of one of my hands.

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